Great!  Now that I have your attention, let's talk about knitting projects.  

Typically, I knit monogamously.  I am a ‘one-project-at-a-time’ kind of girl, you know?  Maybe it was boredom with a stockinette project or maybe it was the holiday blues, but recently I worked on two projects at once!  I know what you are thinking, “Kelsey, that’s not like you.  Are you sure you can handle doing two at the same time?”  I know, I know, who can handle all those balls of yarn?

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Ravellenic Games

This past weekend, I scrolled through Instagram and saw that Fibre Space, one of my favorite yarn shops, posted that they are hosting a Ravellenic Games team.  Challenge accepted! 

The goal of the Ravellenic Games is to challenge yourself to start, and hopefully finish, a knitting project during the Olympics.  It has a fun twist, too.  You can enter different “events” such as Cowl Curling, Aerial Unwind (a category for frogging…yes please!), Hat Halfpipe, and my personal favorite, Sweater Skeleton.

How fun?!

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