Ravellenics Sweater

Remember that time when I decided that I would knit a fingering weight sweater in 17 days?  Oh man, good times.  In two years when I get excited to join a Ravellenics team, someone remind me to choose a hat.  Or maybe a pair of socks if I feel like getting crazy.


I knit my little heart out during the Olympics but only made it about halfway up the body of the sweater by the closing ceremonies.  Any other time of the year, I would be impressed with this progress.  Well, now that I type this, I really am impressed with that progress.  I do have a full time job and was working on a design at the same time. 


When the Olympics ended, my new goal was to finish by the Paralympics Closing Ceremonies on March 18.

After picking up the stitches for the sleeves, my needles started flying.  While home from work one day for snow, my husband turned on Last Chance U and sleeve 1 was finished!  The following Saturday, more snow with a mix of Queer Eye and The Office lead to sleeve 2 being complete!


I was a week late (after my second deadline) in finishing but hey, I finished! 

The next week, I wore my sweater to work.  I was sitting in a meeting and the woman next to me quietly whispered, “Did you make your sweater?”  After nodding my head and smiling at her, my coworkers in the meeting start noticing.  One coworker, who is so sweet, looks at me and says, “I knew you talked about knitting, but I didn’t know you were on THIS level!”  And that is now my favorite compliment ever.


While I was disappointed I didn’t meet either of my goals, I am extremely happy with the final product.  The Knife Grinder’s Daughter is a beautiful pattern.  It is the first time that I knit a bottom up, set-in sleeve pattern.  I love the construction.  I feel that it is sturdy, especially for the fingering weight yarn.

Speaking of the yarn, I love it.  Fyberspates Vivacious 4Ply is 100% Superwash Merino and 100% amazing.  It is so soft and was fabulous to knit with.  The color, Pebble Beach, is just perfect and I have received so many compliments on the yarn.


This sweater is turning into my favorite FO.  I am sad to put it away for the summer.  However, it will be placed on top of the pile so it is readily available for any chilly night.

See my Ravelry project page for details and any changes I made.