The Cascade Collection

I have yet to knit something faded, but all the cool knitters are doing it. I want to be cool!  So I made the decision that my winter sweater knitting project would be the Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry.  I began my search for the perfect fade kit.  After much scrolling, I saw a kit from Nice and Knit that was calling my name and ordered it.  


I was super excited when it arrived and went to wind the yarn.  While winding, the colors started popping.  I wound the first skein of Barnacle and was pleased. 


Then I started winding the second color, Surf.  I gasped.  


Well, that was something new.  I have never gasped at the colors and beauty of a skein of yarn, but boy did I love this.  Since it is the second color of the fade, I needed more yardage so after winding three skeins of it, I was totally in love.  I could not stop thinking about those colors!  Gray, with hints of purples, and blues and greens, and each yarn cake was just screaming to be knit!  


I wound the rest of the yarn, ordered the pattern but just couldn’t bring myself to cast on the Comfort Fade Cardi.  I kept asking myself if the Surf would get lost in the fade.  I could not let that happen!  So the yarn sat on the table for about 2 months.  Every time I went upstairs, I would pet it and whisper some sweet nothings to the beautiful cakes of squishiness.  

Cue first snow day of the new year.  The temperature was below zero with the wind chill, and I decided I needed a new hat.  I really wanted this hat pattern to enhance the yarn allowing the colors and the beauty to pop.  Grabbing my stitch dictionary and some needles, I swatched, which is something I never do.  Y’all, I just really love this yarn.  I wanted to respect it.  So I swatched.  Then, the Cascade Hat was born.


After knitting the Cascade Hat and seeing just how the ripple stitch pattern and the yarn complemented each other so well, I knew there needed to be more.  Fingerless mitts would make the perfect companion, I decided.  After measurements were taken and a pattern was drafted, I knit the Cascade Mitts


I still have no fade so my cool factor has yet to increase, but I do have a lot of Nice and Knit DK yarn that is calling to be knit.  What a problem to have!

You can find the Cascade Hat and Mitts patterns on Compass Knits, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting.