Ravellenic Games

This past weekend, I scrolled through Instagram and saw that Fibre Space, one of my favorite yarn shops, posted that they are hosting a Ravellenic Games team.  Challenge accepted! 

 The #teamfibrespace Ravatar!

The #teamfibrespace Ravatar!

The goal of the Ravellenic Games is to challenge yourself to start, and hopefully finish, a knitting project during the Olympics.  It has a fun twist, too.  You can enter different “events” such as Cowl Curling, Aerial Unwind (a category for frogging…yes please!), Hat Halfpipe, and my personal favorite, Sweater Skeleton.

How fun?!


Growing up, the Olympics brought much excitement to our household, mainly due to my mother’s passion for the event.  During the Atlanta Summer Games in 1996, she happened to be the PTA President at my elementary school.  You’ll never guess her chosen theme for field day that year.

Mom assigned each class a country.  Then, the students held a vote, choosing a classmate to be the flag bearer.  Mrs. Thomas’ class elected me flag bearer for our country, Greece.  Seriously, I may have peaked then. 


Once, my parents bought a fifty-two inch television prior to the opening ceremonies.  That year, Mom and I became “experts” on the splash height of the dives because we could see every drop on the high-definition screen!  I will never forget staying up late to watch Michael Phelps break the Gold Medal record.

During the Olympics, I watch sports that I never turn on otherwise.  Curling is a favorite of mine.  I love watching the sweepers glide down the ice.  I also find myself enamored with the strategy of the sport.  It is “chess on ice” after all.

With the Ravellenic Games, I can combine my two favorite past times, knitting and Olympics watching. 


For this year’s Games, I have my eye on the Knife Grinder’s Daughter by Kathryn Folkerth.  My skeins of Fyberspates Vivacious 4Ply in Pebble Beach have been wound.  I even swatched!


The opening ceremonies begin at 6 a.m. on the east coast.  Who knows if I’ll be able to knit that early!?  But I am ready for a busy 17 days!


Are you joining a Ravellenic Games team?  What will you be knitting during the 2018 Winter Olympics?